• The Captain

    The Captain


    Solid VFX, set design, and a nice chuckle at the end. That's good for a few stars.

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    My god... zilla

    - Josh from The West Wing

  • Two Distant Strangers

    Two Distant Strangers

    Joey Bada$$ was actually pretty good! Not really sure why there are so many long-winded 1 star reviews on Letterboxd... What is that all about?

    The blood pool in the shape of Africa was a nice touch.

  • Riders of Justice

    Riders of Justice


    One part conspiracy thriller, one part revenge story, one party family relationship drama. This could have been an overwritten, melodramatic waste if done by Hollywood, but the Danes have a way of adding interesting subtleties that help the viewer connect.

    We all have our own way of dealing with trauma and grief. Mads just fucks people up! This was a lot of fun.

  • Another 48 Hrs.

    Another 48 Hrs.


    Yes, this definitely is ANOTHER 48 hrs. Eddie Murphy is still charming. Nick Nolte punches or shoots everyone he meets while brimming with anxiety and rage in every scene. There's another bar fight scene. Another hotel shootout. It tried hard to rekindle the magic of the first one but it doesn't quite make it. I still don't even really understand the ending, it's just twists for the sake of twists.

    Still, some solid shootouts and great one-liners.

    "If shit was worth something, poor people would be born without a hole in their ass" - Reggie Hammond

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    Great story.
    Great acting.
    Important messaging.
    Filmmaking kind of just hits the notes.

    With all these pieces it should be an emotional tour de force, but it sadly ends up feeling a bit run-of-the-mill. Lakeith, Kaluuya, and Dominique Fishback deserve to be in every film they want to from here on out.

  • The King of Staten Island

    The King of Staten Island


    Another entrance into the white man-child getting a million chances to find his way into the world filmography of Judd Apatow. Pete Davidson is charming enough to save it though and the film has a good amount of heart.

    Is it weird that I've only ever seen pictures of Pete Davidson and this is the first time I heard him speak? His voice was not what I expected

  • Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

    Monsieur Hulot's Holiday


    French Mr. Bean! I laff, huehuehue.

    It was already a huge success and I find it weird that Tati spent over 20 years trying to perfect it after its release. Odd...

  • Rebecca



    I'm not sure why but I was waiting for a twist the entire time and it never really came. Apparently, the censor board barred any hint at a lesbian relationship, but it comes through clear as a whistle. I'm not sure if Hitchcock meant for that, but it's progressive for 1940. Other than that it's a solid Hitchcock film that didn't fully blow me away.

  • Blue Story

    Blue Story


    Top Boy lite. At first, I liked the rap interludes, but in the middle, they came fast and furious and were nothing more than montage-style recaps. It felt like the character motivations were lacking but maybe that's part of the point of the film? The gang lifestyle is ultimately meaningless and void of humanity? I'm not sold.

  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    An autobiographical biopic based on future events? Somehow Fosse made an epic spectacle about his own death that serves as both a fearful warning and a loving reminder of life at the same time. Just might end on the saddest song-and-dance number of all time with the most upbeat "showy" tune. How this didn't win all the Oscars in 1979 I will never know.

  • Godzilla



    You're telling me Juliette Binoche & Bryan Cranson die in the first 20 minutes and we're stuck with a lead who has the charisma of a chunk of sidewalk concrete? His "character building" consists of having a family and helping a Japanese boy for 5 minutes just so you know he's a good person. Big meaty monster fights are cool though!