Vinyl Nation

Vinyl Nation ★★½

Weird documentary about the resurgence of vinyl. Some cool nerds chatting amongst it, but generally told from a weird normie perspective. While there’s lots of amusingly identifiable geekery, there’s too much gushing about Record Store Day, Instagram record people and that sort of thing 🤮

Incidentally, Record Store Day started as a well intentioned means to get people into small shops, but it’s morphed into a worthless faux-collector’s item generating monster and it’s fucking gross. It’s nothing to do with music and everything to do with pandering to a dipshit collector mentality only concerned with scarcity and novelty.

The downside of the vinyl resurgence is the price escalation, dumbfuck limited editions, pre-orders for EVERYTHING, total disregard for condition vs price.

FYI the punks never stopped making or buying vinyl (dance music kids too). A fact that’s largely ignored here of course.

This doc is both interesting and irritating at the same time. Half expect it to be called VinylS Nation.