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  • Yi Yi
  • Magnolia
  • Burning
  • Fail Safe

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    It’s taking me some time to write up this review. Because in all honesty it’s been a while since a film has broken me the way this masterpiece has. I’m sorry if this is all over the place but here goes nothing:

    First, let me start by saying, like all three hour family epics by masters of cinema, it’s evident this film came from the heart & soul of Edward Yang. The film is basically about members of a family trying…

  • Magnolia



    mom: i’m in the mood for a film, do you have any—

    me: YES!

    *puts magnolia in the dvd player*

    me in the first minute of the film: i’m only gonna stay for the opening scene

    *three hours later*

    me: that was beautiful.

    *looks over to mom*

    me: what’d you think?

    mom: i don’t get it...

Recent reviews

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    I think I’m coming to the conclusion that Mike Flanagan’s true talents come at the episode before the last.

    I must say, I did very much enjoy the fact that he managed to do a show about vampires that you can’t really call vampires. The religious connotations throughout the show are strong enough to ground you from the idea that you’re watching a “monster show”. It’s a fresh take on the idea of a vampire, not to mention appropriate for…

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills feels a bit more fleshed out than its predecessor. I do prefer the first one visually. This, however, is more in tone with John Carpenter’s original. 

    I genuinely don’t understand why the victims choose to run as slow as they do. I know there’s an entertainment factor to maintain, but sometimes it feels a little bit too obvious.

    In all cases, i’m just happy I’m watching Michael Myers in October.

Popular reviews

  • Werckmeister Harmonies

    Werckmeister Harmonies


    The moment the film ended, I had some time with my thoughts. I couldn't help myself, so I did some research on the film to try & see if my thoughts on what the film was about were at least in the right direction.

    For starters, Béla Tarr is known to give little to no information about the context of his films. He’s never been too descriptive whenever discussing the meaning of Werckmeister Harmonies:

    "If you are listening to the film,…

  • Harakiri



    Okay so watching this today and Yi Yi yesterday, I have the biggest smile on my face.

    Harakiri is a 2 hour and 15 minute critique on the concept of “samurai honor”. On one hand, you have those, similar to the protagonist of the film, who go by their words as samurai. On another, there are houses that butcher the notion of samurai honor, turning it into a mere façade. Dishonor is a big deal for samurai, and, for some,…