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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    Is the stormtrooper crew which boards Princess Leia’s ship during the opening scene the only well-drilled, straight-shootin’ bunch of stormtroopers in the whole Star Wars cannon?

  • Roma



    First rewatch since it’s big screen release in December 2018... as I’m introducing my wife to some of my favourite international cinema this month... and I felt just as I did the first time.,,

    I can’t recall a film as tactile as this in a long time... one you could smell, touch and hear in a truly panoramic way... heartbreaking snapshots of life, real life... and all the moments in between.

    Roma is a movie with such a sense of time and place that I feel it will remain just as wondrous every time around. Alfonso Cuarón, you master.

    P.S. The wife loved it too.

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  • Little Women

    Little Women


    As soon as our first rewatch finished, I turned to my wife and asked if we could watch Little Women every fall/winter from here thereafter. She agreed.

    Greta Gerwig’s vision and execution remains absolutely magnificent - the most beautiful, clever, and simply the best way, this story could be told.

  • Parasite



    The line-up to get in for this movie at today’s Vancouver International Film Festival screening ran for hundreds of people, took in multiple city blocks... and these were people who, like me, already had tickets... it was a site that warmed my cinema-loving heart... and then the sights and sounds of ‘Parasite’ lived up to that excitement in every single way... remarkably funny... just so fucking funny... until the laughs quickly stop... but whatever tone it strikes, it’s a truly…