Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★

A subsequent moviefilm that does not live up to the incredible heights of the original Borat; instead feeling like an extended, generally mediocre but decidedly Borat-themed version of Cohen's recent Who Is America? show.

I didn't go into this with expectations of Cohen to be able to recapture what made the original such a sensation, so it wasn't terribly surprising that it mostly ended up being a watered down version. A cute one, but nowhere near as entertaining as the previous adventure.

One of the elements that made this sequel so inherently dull to me is the very central and laser-focused preoccupation with Trump and with American politics. The entire storyline's premise is focused on Trump, the vast majority of the jokes are based on American politics that surround Trump and his lackeys. As someone who's generally constantly exposed to the very valid anti-Trump sentiments online, and to lots of anti-Trump humor in general, seeing Borat parroting the same beats with his silly accent was just tiresome.

Back in the original Borat movie it felt like Cohen was being rather original with his shenanigans and ridiculous takes while running around as Borat - but here it felt like Borat checked the pulse of American liberals and converted everything they say and do these days to his format. It was honestly uninspired and it made every joke predictable, which is probably the worst result you can end up with as a comedian.

Now, this journey did have some moments where it was endearing in a silly way, or where Cohen's awesome co-star, Maria Bakalova, carried the movie - but for the most part I felt very neutral and nowhere near the bellyaching laughter the first movie got out of me.

The movie as a whole felt like a bloated derivative of the sharper Who Is America? show, especially during the various political pranks. It's just disappointing when political fervor gets the better out of creative people, making them produce uninteresting and predictable projects.

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