Suicide Squad ★★

Good movies are fun to watch, but bad movies are fun to review. So here we go (Tiny spoilers ahead.):

• Leto's Joker gave off some definite Jim Carrey Riddler vibes.
• Early on, why didn't Waller's suicide squad only consist of Enchantress? She was pretty much all they needed to defeat a meta human, no?
• Midway City? Is that between Metropolis and Gotham? It couldn't be. We learned the only thing between those two cities is a bay.
• Surely Deadshot could have used his skills for profit legally and kept his daughter.
Flag called the squad a bunch of "psychotic, antisocial, freaks." And so I ask you this: Is antisocial that big of a deal by comparison?
• What is it about electrocution that makes one talk like Betty Boop?
• Is El Diablo useless in the rain?
• This soundtrack is a great primer for all the 16-year-old boys just discovering rock music.
• I think I played Call of Duty online with Deadshot. I can't be sure. I only lasted about 4 seconds before I was respawned someplace.
• Where is Batman and why isn't he involved in this Joker heist?
• Tell me you wouldn't be interested in a Joker's revenge storyline if Deadshot had plugged Harley Quinn off that rope?
• Honestly, why do these guys care so much about what the mission is?
• Did El Diablo have those face tattoos on his wedding day? In the labor and delivery room when his kids were born? I wanna know.
• Yeah. Enchantress is for real like Gozer.
• The biggest conceit in this movie is that dynamite is more powerful than either of the sibling antagonists.
• Welp. At least June Moone got some pretty sweet vintage jewelry out of the deal.

And finally ...

A round of applause to Warner Brothers' marketing department. For years now, good movie or bad, WB has been exciting audiences about its products. Gatsby, Godzilla, American Sniper, Mad Max, and Suicide Squad. These have been the best marketed films of the last four years and it's not even close.

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