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  • The 10th Victim

    The 10th Victim


    Ridiculous and probably a little longer than it needs to be but Marcello is so good and Petri sure makes a pretty movie. Didn’t think much of the chemistry between the leads unfortunately. At one point a character’s like “you guys are clearly falling in love” and I was like “wait really?” The back and forth mind games are enjoyable though.

    The bits of 60s futurism are fun too, like the cell phones that have a rotary dial on the…

  • Le Bonheur

    Le Bonheur


    Varda shoots sexual tension unbelievably well. Her visual genius is apparent throughout this but good god is it stunning in those moments.

    Holy shit the audacity of this man, which I know is overdone because that's the point, but still the audacity of this man. The dance scene? The way it only takes him two encounters to be all in? The affirmed nonchalance of it all? Crazy

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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    This show is really great and then episode 18 happens and suddenly this show is just fucking incredible.

    So many great extended shots where Anno just shows a drawing and has only sound progress the scene if that (the end of 4, Rei and Asuka in 22, the end of 24). So many wonderful examples of Anno basically sampling himself (especially in 16, 20, and 22). So many incredible character moments (Katsuragi and Kaji in 15) and so much incredible…

  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso


    Far from Miyazaki’s best animation (understandably) but god Porco and Fio are so endearing it’s unbelievable.

    When the little girls are having a blast being taken hostage by pirates at the start is so emblematic about what makes Miyazaki great. He just understands what makes the world a great place.