Rope ★★★★½

An ingenious thriller that uses limited space and groundbreaking technical wizardry to nearly flawless effect. All done in essentially one room, Hitchcock gives us one view of the outside world. There to not only suggest passage of time, but a fun expression of the dark slowly closing in on our titular characters. The way Hitchcock cuts the intertwining scenes to create the appearance of a long take is not only ahead of its time, but seriously clever in how it amps up the mounting tension. It never gets the chance to leave. The air of unease suffocates the limited space. Hitchcock focuses on the minute details - the words and subtle character interactions craft the tension. It's also led by its brilliant screenplay that explores the moral human quandaries that shape a murderer. What sets apart the ones that think about murder and the ones that actually do it? James Stewart's ferocious monologue at the end ties this fiendishly clever film together. Also it's gay as hell and I find it fabulous that Hitchcock was able to explore the subtext of upper class gays within this framework. And he does all of this all in 80 MINUTES. Iconic.

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