• But I'm a Cheerleader

    But I'm a Cheerleader


    This movie is so silly and gay (and the colors are to die for). I wish I would’ve seen this as a teen, but I’m definitely glad I did now 🌈

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    A vibrantly cinematic declaration of community and heritage, In the Heights is the purest and most earnest movie musical we’ve had in years. It’s a tad overlong and rushed in spots, but that all becomes moot with the infectious energy and vibrancy on display. This is a bona fide summer spectacle.

    Side note: “96,000” is an absolute showstopper of a number and now I have a crush on Anthony Ramos.

  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


    I wish the devil had forced them to make a better movie.

  • Penelope



    No amount of bad styling can make McAvoy not a babe, but this movie really tries.

  • Cruella



    It’s messy and overlong, but it’s not enough to slow down the sheer energy and fashion on display. It’s just  plain fabulous and fun with a refreshingly non-Disney punk energy. The Emma’s are fantastic and clearly having a blast. I live for the costumes and soundtrack. The best recent Disney live action thus far. I would go for a sequel. I’d watch Stone as Cruella in 20 movies.

  • The Human Voice

    The Human Voice


    A stylish one-women show more concerned with empty theatrics than telling anything remotely authentic, but I’ll be damned if isn’t pretty.

  • Four Good Days

    Four Good Days

    4 good days and 0 good minutes spent watching this.

  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour


    Do you know what’s not interesting? Hero posturing old white men and speechifying everything he says as if it’s absolutely the most important thing. Making the stuffy old man slightly quirkier than other stuffy old men doesn’t make this any less dull and contrived. Even worse, underlying that with vague moral quandaries while one-dimensional female characters exist only to say things for the betterment of his character journey. Oldman is good, but it’s purely an awards-driven performance. It’s not layered or moving in any way. This is Wright’s worst period drama and his most visually drab film to date. It’s a grand show with nothing to offer.

  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    The aesthetic and cast are there, but the writing and performances are not. You can tell this got hacked to pieces by the studio. The film feels so unintentionally manic, on top of being painfully predictable. Wright hasn’t made a good movie in a decade. I hope he’s doing okay.

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Those Who Wish Me Dead


    I still have no fucking idea why they were trying to kill everyone. It could’ve been about aliens with IBS for all I know. Also, no one wearing a shake-n-go wig is a firefighter.

  • Sightless


    This is every bland 2000s horror, right down to the blue tint and utter lack of things happening. The mental health stigmatization is also not great.

  • Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse


    I wish I could say I was without remorse watching this. Michael B. Jordan has the chops to be an action lead and he’s my baby, but this is not it. He's very mediocre with a few tiny bright spots sprinkled in. Though the entire production reeks of mediocrity, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise.