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  • Mank



    This movie was pretty boring. Boosted it up 1 star because of the nice shots. Feels like that's all.the movie really cared about

  • Leprechaun



    Saw most of this movie at a friend's house when I was 12 and it scared me. Watch it now, it's so campy that I actually laughed at the parts that I sound scary before

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  • Gaslight



    When I heard the relatively new term gaslighting came from the 1944 movie Gaslight I knew that any movie that could influence pop culture language 70 years after its release would be a good one. Easily making it's way into my top 10 pre 1950s movies. Charles Boyer is vile psychological manipulator who at first seems like a prince charming then as soon he's isolated Igred Bergman's character with only 2 servants, both of whom are indifferent to her. He…

  • Candyman



    Tony Todd does such a great job as the Candyman with an eerie voice that really gets under you're skin. It's no wonder this movie is a horror cult classic. I've passed on this movie for years because of assumptions I made from the title and box art that turned out to be completely wrong. It's not often that a horror movie leaves the violence to the imagination but helps it with lots of bloody imagery of the aftermath. Definitely recommend for horror fans.