• Game Night

    Game Night


    “How is that The Green Mile?”

    “This is me at the Regal Cinema crying, as I did through much of the film.”

    “How we supposed to know that, Gary?”

    “I assume everyone… cried… during The Green Mile.”

    Really really fun! Not only that, but there’s some like, actual style and flair to the filmmaking here and the humor is really witty and genuinely funny. It’s surprisingly self aware as well, albeit at times maybe a tad too self aware but ah what the hell, this was a very pleasant surprise.

  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man


    Pure and utter metallic chaos. As nauseating as it is entertaining and as grotesque as it is hilarious. A film that wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve but combines said influences to create a unique mixture of something new and fresh. 

    Tsukamoto crafts an unforgettable experience here that doesn’t give the viewer a second to breath or to try and catch up. The body horror and use of stop-motion are out of this world. Another reason as to why Japanese horror is number one. What a ride.

  • Paper Moon

    Paper Moon


    “You still owe me $200.”

    One of the first films I remember falling in love with as a kid. Watching this with my dad for the first time after days upon days of having to hear him ramble on about it (he rambles a lot about movies, I guess I know where I got it from), is a memory I’ll forever cherish. It’s been awhile since then and even though I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it nearly as…

  • The Only Son

    The Only Son


    “I think I can die without regrets.”

    Really impressive for Ozu’s first talkie. A short, tender little story of missed opportunities as well as the disappointment and regret to come with them. So incredibly potent but in such a calm, quiet way. Yet another banger from Ozu. The way he explores the beauty of life by shining a light on the unseen is simply wonderful.

  • Daredevil



    Normal people watching the playground fight scene: “This is so awful. Why is the editing so bad? This makes no sense. One of the worst scenes in any comic book movie. An absolute disgrace to Daredevil’s character.

    Me watching the playground fight scene, with a big stupid grin on my face: “Man… they don’t make ‘em like this no more.”

  • Gozu



    Basically, what Gavin said.

    For the entirety of this film’s runtime, I was feeling that unexplainable feeling I felt whenever I watch a Lynch film (I know comparing this to Lynch is sort of a cop out and unfair to the film but this is kind of the best thing my tiny little brain can come up with right now). A feeling that I thought couldn’t be replicated, because I don’t know what it is exactly? A mixture of pure emptiness,…

  • Tokyo Sonata

    Tokyo Sonata


    Gave me that same empty feeling I had after watching Cure, except this time for different reasons. One of the best endings to a film… like ever? Nearly broke down in tears. 

    Excellent movie. Not your typical family drama. It almost feels like an anti-family drama at points and Kurosawa’s genius attention to detail and visual storytelling is quite unmatched here. Loved it.

  • The Naked Island

    The Naked Island


    If you’re not counting the couple scenes of kids singing, this film has absolutely no dialogue, and because I didn’t know that going in, It took me a bit to fully get into the filmmaker’s world and appreciate it. However, once I got there, I really really liked it.

    Relying on striking imagery and a mystifying score to tell a story and convey emotions, Kaneto Shindô crafts a moving portrait of the impoverished that is beautifully poetic as much as…

  • Still Walking

    Still Walking


    An Ozu-inspired family drama that, unlike most family dramas, doesn’t focus on those eventful moments of this families life, but rather the ones in between. The normal conversations characters share, the meals they eat, the daily routines, the morning walks, the awkward interactions during dinner, the yellow butterflies… all seemingly insignificant moments in this families life, captured to simply show just how beautiful life is, in all of it’s pain and all of it’s joy. 

    Kore-eda crafts a moving little…

  • Flee



    “What’s going through your head?”

    “Who do I save first, if the boat goes down?”

    Probably the best documentary to come out in 2021 and not only that, but one of the most human and powerfully moving documentaries I’ve ever seen. An intimate, tragic, yet effective memoir that shines light on someone who has spent his whole life trying to find himself. The presentation is incredibly impressive. Reminds me a lot of Waltz with Bashir, which is a really touching animated documentary as well.

  • Paterson



    Finding beauty in the mundane. Seeing a little bit of color in the black and white. Feeling comfort in the same old, same old.

    Every day is a new day, how can life possibly be boring? Maybe the fact that you are living, is simply enough.

  • Dazed and Confused

    Dazed and Confused


    Probably the coldest take ever but this is one of the coolest hangout movies ever made. I’m a sucker for slice of life stories where nothing really happens and Linklater is like, the perfect filmmaker to do said kind of movie. His style is unmatched. He just simply— knows… y’know?

    Perfectly encapsulates it’s time period as well as the aimlessness and universal uncertainty of youth. Gave me an overwhelming amount of nostalgia for a time in my life that isn’t…