Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

One of the better 2020 movies I've seen. Will be fun to see Riz Ahmed at the Oscars, he has to be there. Hopefully Paul Raci too. Their performances are so lived in and genuine, one of the rare times I feel that I'd meet these people by chance in real life. Any time this film gives them something emotional to work with, they never go for the easy choice which could be melodramatic or pandering. Instead, they ground these two men who are at very different levels of acceptance about their hearing loss.

Sound design is key too. Not just the literal interruption of noise and its absence or distortion, but how it is utilized to signal a major life disruption. Ruben is at a place in his existence to receive that wake up, to sit with the silence in a stillness. It just happens to be going deaf. An excellent character study from top to bottom, this is a big step forward for portraying people with disabilities.

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