Blindspotting ★★★★½

really disappointed in myself for putting this off for so long, but after watching this fucking awesome video from the take about the white savior trope i thought tonight should be the night. and goddamn! don’t i feel a fool!

and like i get it - some movies you put off because you know they’ll be upsetting. but if you’re a white person, especially in america, that excuse just ain’t valid. sorry! it’s fucking terrible and scary but its what black people are dealing with every fucking day at the hands of the people who claim to serve and protect them. supporting black and poc filmmakers with your time and money is quite literally the least you can do

while i was watching i was reminded of the absolute Pleasure i had about a year ago in seeing daveed diggs in a play at the public called white noise. it was a great production of a super profound and interesting play about modern slavery and it’s times like this that make me hate how fucking finite theatre is. but! if you’d like to read it, you can preorder it (here’s a link where you can order from a black-owned bookstore in chicago). it’ll be available in august and if you read it in one sitting it’s a delicious three hours

thank you and, as always, acab!

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