The End of the Tour

The End of the Tour ★★★★

Hollywood doesn't do films like this anymore, which is precisely why I celebrate A24 and their movement to empower unique filmmakers with unique stories to tell. The best way to describe The End of the Tour is as a hang-out film. Nothing really happens in terms of what you would expect in a story, but what is happening is that we're experiencing two strangers telling stories to each other, sharing thoughts, observations about life, society, occasional nuggets of profound wisdom, uncovering revelations about each other and about themselves and that we're in on it. We have a seat to the conversation too. There's a vulnerability to the film, akin to a good therapy session, where you air out your thoughts and absorb lessons. The film is sometimes profound, sometimes charming, sometimes warm, and anchored by the performance of Jason Segel. He really comes off as a complex trough of emotions in The End of the Tour. There's such a vulnerability that catches your attention and makes you pay attention to what he's saying because it feels like it's coming from the deepest parts of his soul, even when he isn’t saying exactly what’s on his mind. Jesse Eisenberg is a great foil for him to work with, and their relationship; the conversations they have, the intellectual ball that they throw back and forth, is the bedrock of the film. There are many profound truths that are being uncovered in their many conversations, and a lot of truths about what is human and by the end of it, it's like you've come a long way with them, and really gotten to know two people. The End of the Tour is a gem.