5 Years of Marriage!

Today Duru Yücel-Țofei & I celebrate 5 years of sweet, sweet marriage! 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻 (plus 6 years, 1 month & 12 days of togetherness & creativity!)

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So cool to see my movie next to Taxi Driver, which was an actual influence on Be My Cat with the creep-antihero type of character!

Blumhouse about Be My Cat

The biggest publication ever that praised my first movie was Blumhouse. The late Matt Molgaard wrote this cool article and included Be My Cat. He was such a wonderful supporter of not just my movie, but indie horror in general, and especially found footage horror.

Recent reviews

Kinda interesting concept, playing with genre tropes the way they did, also an ambitious and risky ending, but overall I was bothered by the excessively Hollywoodish execution, everything is so loud and in your face and drags the movie down.

Watched a couple of months ago.

Wow, such a realistic, detailed and perfectly acted mockumentary, a BIG MUST for anyone who ever had an interest in The Blair Witch Project! Having the same writers/directors, it was aired on the Sci-Fi Channel right before the theatrical release of the main movie and presented as a genuine documentary.

I'm amazed at how authentic the interviews are, you literally can't see the acting, they talk as if they are indeed experts in their field or connected to the Blair…




Wonderful psychological thriller on the edge of horror that literally gave birth to the term gaslighting in the English language, and one can easily understand why: the psychological mechanisms of gaslighting are depicted here in such realistic and terrifying ways, even to a point of becoming unbearable. Highly recommended piece of psychological horror cinema!

Such a missed opportunity, in the hands of a bit more artsy creators this could've become the ultimate feminist horror masterpiece about womanhood and childbearing.

Liked reviews

Maybe the guilty are the ones who never bothered to learn to read subtitles.

The scariest and most convincing movie I've seen up to this point in life. Pure horror art

This happened to my buddy Björk 😥

Do you like Creep (2014)? Do you wish Creep (2014) was directly threatening you as a person? Well you're in luck-