Naked Lunch ★★★

I just watched NAKED LUNCH for the 1st time.

I don't know if it's a brilliant, fucked-up, crazy masterpiece - or a beautiful, messy, weird kinda failure that I think I kinda liked...

But the indecision & confused reaction to the film will haunt me for an excessive period of time.

Regardless, I love how Cronenberg builds worlds. Even his most out there, surreal, fantastical & insane realities have a weird, alluring, frighteningly cozy feel to them.

NAKED LUNCH might grow on me over the years, but in the world of Cronenberg, I'm not sure I'll like what ends up growing on me.

It is a fascinating piece of art. And it's Cronenberg at his most "fuck you" style. At his best, he doesn't give a shit about anything except the story HE wants to tell. He won't pander to the audience. He won't water down his content. And he won't compromise whatever fever-dreamed fuckery that he has in mind.

I commend him for being him.

And even if I don't (and maybe never will) know if I liked NAKED LUNCH - I do love Cronenberg. He's one of a kind and he's a fucking master at what he does...even though I'm not always sure what it is he is doing.