Frozen ★★

When Frozen released, before I even knew what it was I'd heard the songs a thousand times, thanks to everybody gushing about it non-stop from day one. I had been exposed to it so heavily I didn't want to watch it anymore, and didn't until 2015. At which point I thought it was fine, and immediately moved on.

That's unfortunate, because Frozen is very specifically a kid's film. Disney and Pixar at thier best usually aim to make something anyone can enjoy, but that's not what Frozen is. So it's a shame, because I was 12 or 13 when this released, and there's a chance I might have enjoyed it.

Watching Frozen in 2020, now that I'm older, and had forgotten everything about it, didn't impress me. The only character I felt had any substance was Elsa, and they didn't do that much with her. Same for the songs, the plot, basically everything.
So I'll watch the next one, and see if they do anything with her. I won't be having any expectations though.

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