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This review may contain spoilers.


I reckon it's been an entire decade since I last saw a film from this trilogy.
Oh boy, have I missed out. It's so much better than the great film I remembered seeing as a kid.

In that time, superhero films have dominanted the mainstream. We've had dozens. But how many of them were superhero films? I genuinely don't remember.
Yes, they've had the superpowers. Yes they've been heroes. But that's not everything the word "superhero" means, if you get what I'm saying?

Comic books were always meant to be fantastical. They ask you to suspend your disbelief from the get go, allowing them to show you an exaggerated version of reality. Raimi understood that. Do today's filmmakers not, or is it simply a matter of appealing to the mainstream being profitable? Probably a bit of both.
These exaggerated realities though, they tell stories of right and wrong. Love and hate. Forgiveness and revenge. Those things that are all a part of the same thing. And they can tell them in such a way you just can't have in a "real" world. And I'm not just talking about the superpowers. I'm talking about tales where things as blatant and over the top as "do I catch the cable car full of children or the woman I love?" can fit right in. And it just works. I'm wholeheartedly invested.
(Oh and that final fight scene on the ground! And then the glider thing? Molto bene!)

It's like fucking Shakespeare. And I stand by that firmly.

Spider-Man is about potential. Not the potential to fight aliens or zip through the sky, but the potential to be good. Not just in Spider-Man, but in all of us. After all, Peter Parker is just an average person. What's remarkable about him is that he gets back up and does the right thing, no matter how hard it might be. He'll stumble sometimes, and struggle all the time, but that's human.
We see the best of ourselves in him, and aspire to be that version of us.

There is so much else I could be saying about this wonderful film. I mean that, it's incredible. But this is the bit that hit me in the heart. Realising how much I love actual superhero stories. Not just regular action movies wearing the skins of superheroes.

Anyway this one has been a bit of a repetitive ramble. I'm just overwhelmed with excitement about watching the rest of this trilogy.

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