Blindspotting ★★★★

See both pictures. 

I am a conservative person by nature. However, I respect movies that present differing opinions to my own in ways that make me think. It doesn’t have to change the way I think, but just do the simple task of making me think. Make me examine why I believe what I believe. Blindspotting made me do just that. 

Extremely clever in its writing and acting, I loved many aspects about this movie. The core relationship between Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal was one of the best friendships I’ve seen in a movie. I bought it from minute one. It felt like watching lifelong friends interacting and riffing on each other. The fact that this was the first writing credit astounded me. There were many moments that had me laughing out loud which is more rare than not for me, because most comedic movies simply don’t do it for me. 

The more serious message of the film was, in part, less preachy, which I always like. No one likes to be preached to, and I commend this film for being more nuanced (except for the times that it completely isn’t). Granted, I don’t agree with a number of messages this film conveys, but the point of this film isn’t to win me over. It’s simply trying to make it’s viewers see both pictures, which I can always respect. 

Good shit, man. It’s a shame we live in a world where Black Panther gets nominated for Best Picture, and a genuinely great movie like this gets no recognition. Madness.