Die Hard: With a Vengeance ★★★★½

Geographic consistency. Some of the most breakneck pacing in an action movie ever. Delicious villainy. Quality quips. Bruce Willis being charming as hell. Tight and claustrophobia inducing cinematography. Shitty German grammar. In essence? My kind of action movie. 

Die Hard with a Vengeance is easily on par with the original and may in fact supplant it as my favorite Die Hard movie. The plot is complex and ever moving. The chemistry between characters feels completely natural. The jokes fit and are absolutely on point. It feels confident, which is insane to think of in a world where by film number three, basically every ounce of a film’s imaginative spark has been drained. But not here. 

Some people were born to swear, and Sam Jackson is one of those people. No one utilizes profanity to its most effective essence like that man. Plus, he can act too. And have good chemistry with Bruce Willis. 

The villain in 2 is mostly forgettable (though seeing William Sadler shadow box in the nude is dope), but bring in Jeremy Irons. Oh, hell yeah, one of the best scenery chewers alive. Love seeing that man in basically anything and everything. 

Modern action filmmakers need to take note; Die Hard with a Vengeance is how you make an action movie.