There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

Maybe the best movie score/soundtrack of all time. It gets me so excited just thinking about it. Greenwood scores this almost like a horror film. Try to find something as cool as his stumbling tumbling piano line in "Prospector's arrive" in any other big-budget movie. Or the very modernist atonality-begets-tonality "Henry Plainview" or the Steve Reich-invoking percussion-phase-playground "Convergence", which although was created for Bodysong gets a new life here with some added strings. And the songs they borrowed are perfect. Pärt's "Fratres" (which is far and away my favorite of his compositions) and the Brahms piece fit so well from a tonal standpoint. The last line into the rushing celebratory strings of Brahms over the title card leaves me speechless every time. Incredible all around

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