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  • Mulan



    this was sweet and i actually don’t remember the original mulan cos i watched it quite young but i enjoyed this the fight scene were cool and i liked the message behind it

  • Yung Lean: In My Head

    Yung Lean: In My Head


    i think i watched dis cos im procrastinating writing an essay rn n i dont even listen to lean like that but i think this is a pretty raw documentary 

    i watched on 1.25 speed n it was kinda slow but rly vivid depiction of drugs and mental illness and the whirlwind of being on tour

    i thought the shots of lean in sweden especially in the countryside was beaut

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO LONG AND HORRIBLE i cant believe i spent 1 hour and 40 mins watching a two people argue. 

    im so confused who this film is for? would i really feel this film if i was in a toxic relationship?? im so confused can someone actually explain the plot/point of this. is this how straight people love

    the redeeming factor of this film is that they both were so attractive but OH MY GOD IT WAS SO BAD i think i have a headache after this

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    I hope i don’t sound mad for saying this, but I found this film funny. I know it was graphic and deeply disturbing at times but I found the matter-of-fact behaviour of the characters pretty funny/ridiculous.

    I think their acting made their world all the more absurd and brought into absurdity our own societal expectations/norms of relationships. This film takes tropes/expectations of relationships to an extreme to demonstrate their absurdity which i think makes you question it’s place within our society. A great commentary on modern relationships/single-hood. 

    I still wonder though, why a lobster?