Palm Springs

Palm Springs ★★★★★

“What if we get sick of each other?” 

“We’re already sick of each other. It’s the best.” 

The best stories are those of imperfect people. (And imperfect relationships.) Sure, it’s wonderful to live through perfect and happy characters, but sometimes, it’s even more wonderful to live through characters that make mistakes like we do, feel down like we do, and still end up ultimately happy. 

On the surface, it seems like there are only so many ways to use the dilemma of a time loop, but Palm Springs feels so fresh in the way that it uses this plot. It’s metaphorical for the growth of these people, them understanding the mistakes they made in the past causing them to mature and ultimately discovering the way out of this endless loop, where each day they realize more about themselves and each other.

In the start, they’re fairly cynical, but soon come to understand that maybe they’re holding their own selves back, and that love isn’t simple. Yeah, it isn’t always picturesque. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Love is work, and maturity is realizing that to have good days you have to have bad. To have a person’s best aspects you have to realize there are flaws too, and that to be happy with another person, you’ll have to adapt at some point. 

Palm Springs is the sort of film you put on thinking you’ll just have a good time for 90 minutes, and while you do get that, you also get sort of blown away. Truly magical. Loved the cast, they all worked really well off of each other, and it the film was always consistently entertaining while being a mature look at life and love.

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