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  • Misery
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  • The Fog
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  • No One Gets Out Alive


  • Separation

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  • No One Gets Out Alive

    No One Gets Out Alive


    Hmm this is certainly a weird start to my horror movie month, but hey anything is better than the last film I watched Separation! I’m not entirely sure how I feel about No One Gets Out Alive, I went in completely blind and as the film began it seemed like a standard haunted house flick. I had to laugh when I discovered the house was in Cleveland, as a longtime Ohioan I approved of the setting. At first I was…

  • Rent-A-Pal



    Oh boy was this film an absolute bummer, it’s been a while since I’ve seen something that bleak and disturbing. Poor David who is caring for his elderly mother is trying desperately to make a connection with anyone, when he rents a VHS tape aptly titled Rent-A-Pal he finally finds a companion in the ultra creepy Andy. I can’t even count the amount of times this movie made me cringe in horror at how unnerving Andy’s dialogue is, it’s hard…

Popular reviews

  • Sea Fever

    Sea Fever


    Aw man I really wanted to love this film! Sea Fever is right up my alley since I normally enjoy movies that take place on the water, this received bonus points for being a creature feature as well. The trailer also looked intense, which showed the characters going mad at the prospect of being infected from this unknown sea creature. Unfortunately as with most horror nowadays, the trailer showed all the good bits and left out the incessant talking. When…

  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    Oh man, I hate to be the odd man out and dislike a film that’s beloved by many... but I just didn’t get this movie. It’s beautifully shot and has interesting dreamlike editing, but I felt like this film was lacking a plot. I thought Don’t Look Now was about a father slowly going mad seeing visions of his daughter who has passed—he saw who he believed to be his daughter in a red coat twice the entire film. The rest…