Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls ★★★★½

Wow… I don’t know what I just watched but it was foolish of me to put this on at 11pm, especially when I’m prone to waking nightmares. It will be just my luck that this film sticks with me and I’ll wake up to some ghoulish smiling man standing in the corner of my bedroom, serves me right I guess! Carnival of Souls is about Mary Henry, a lone survivor of a fatal car crash who uproots her life and begins to see a strange man who continues to haunt her everywhere she goes. Nothing seems quite right after her accident and she must discover if her horrifying visions of this stranger are real or all a delusion brought on by her trauma. Boy is this an absolute trip of a film; everything feels so off from the moments of utter silence followed by blaring organ music, the massive deserted carnival, and stilted performance from our main character. It’s all so bizarre but it left me feeling so uncomfortable for our lead, as Mary is ostracized and labeled a hysteric who is losing grip of reality. The man who stalks her, I believe he’s credited as a walking corpse (fitting) puts most antagonists to shame—he literally has no lines of dialogue, but that sinister grin and white ghostly face was terrifying enough. This movie is a prime example of why less is more, I would highly recommend everyone check this crazy surreal nightmare out.🎪🎼

#9 Watch a horror from the 50s or 60s✔️
Daily Horror Hunt #35 (May 2021)

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