Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree ★★

I think I’ve mentioned before on here that I’m a huge fan of films featuring witches—since I was young and fell in love with the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus I’ve always been drawn to witchcraft. I feel like they’re extremely unrepresented in the horror genre which is a such a shame, think we need to see more witchy films please! Cherry Tree has been on my Amazon Prime watchlist for over a year now, but it kept on get passed on for other movies as my list continued to grow. I have to be honest that the IMDb score scared me a little as well, but it had occult themes so I figured I would at least enjoy the witchy vibes it was bringing. That ended up being the case with this film unfortunately; I adored all the lore and the creepy coven featured but the story in the end fell flat on it’s face for me. Don’t even get me started on that last shot too, it was hideous and left a really bad taste in my mouth for what could have been a solid horror film. If you’re a fan of witches you will find some enjoyment, it has some great effects and I loved the centipedes as familiars that was wicked, but be prepared for this to go way off the rails in the last act.🍒🪱

#8 Watch a horror film involving witches or dark arts✔️
Daily Horror Hunt #35 (May 2021)

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