Rent-A-Pal ★★★

Oh boy was this film an absolute bummer, it’s been a while since I’ve seen something that bleak and disturbing. Poor David who is caring for his elderly mother is trying desperately to make a connection with anyone, when he rents a VHS tape aptly titled Rent-A-Pal he finally finds a companion in the ultra creepy Andy. I can’t even count the amount of times this movie made me cringe in horror at how unnerving Andy’s dialogue is, it’s hard to tell whether he’s truly communicating with David or if his chilling responses are all imagined. The movie can be slow, but the performance from Brian Landis Folkins is fascinating as he slowly unravels until the film reaches it’s heartbreaking conclusion. I sympathized with his loneliness but at the same time I was horrified by his descent into madness, it felt like Andy was goading him on too from behind the screen. This is a pure psychological thriller for most of the runtime and only reaches horror status in the last 20 minutes, but it’s still a terrifying ride nonetheless. I would recommend Rent-A-Pal but personally would never watch again because even though it was a horrifying ride it was also a depressing one.📼🛼

#7 Watch a movie starring someone who has an alliterative name (Wil Wheaton)✔️
Daily Horror Hunt #35 (May 2021)

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