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This review may contain spoilers.

I have to be honest that I was a bit apprehensive of Saint Maud at first, I’ve read reviews that it could be fairly slow and I’ve been craving faster paced movies lately. Thankfully this had such strong performances that I was fully engrossed the entire runtime—I felt as though I was experiencing Maud’s entire disturbing and bleak journey with her. This movie made me feel so anxious and absolutely hopeless as it crawled to it’s shocking conclusion. Saint Maud is a very slow film as I mentioned but it’s filled to the brim with disturbing imagery that left me constantly questioning if what I was seeing was real.

I personally believe this is a film that delves into the mind of a lonely woman who hasn’t properly dealt with her trauma. Maud is desperately trying to find meaning to a tragic event she experienced, that ultimately leads her down a dark road of what she hopes is redemption. She is lost and looking for purpose, she also doesn’t want her pain to be meaningless so she turns to religion to mask her grief. She becomes obsessed with Amanda a terminal patient who she is caring for who has questions of her own faith. Both women are equally mesmerizing in their roles, Amanda is the perfect counterpart to Maud as she constantly challenges her religious ideologies and is ultimately demonized by Maud for doing so. I could go on and on about how I dug all the symbolism throughout, but to prevent this review from being a book’s length I will just say I was extremely captivated by this film. It won’t be for everyone but it really made me think about the importance of mental health.

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