Slither ★★★★½

Wow this is exactly what I needed today, what an absolute blast this film was! I remember catching a bit of Slither when I was younger, I walked in on the big pimple lady and recall being utterly repulsed and silently judging my father for his weird taste in movies.. well look at me now dad! In the past couple of years I’ve learned to fully embrace body horror in all it’s revolting glory, and boy did this film feel like a love letter to fans of that subgenre. If you dig practical effects you’ll get a kick out of all the gooey bits this contains, it’s absolutely grotesque and so brilliantly over-the-top. You have bodies melding together, heads being blown off, a From Beyond looking squid Michael Rooker, and a disgusting inflated woman who explodes into a ton of nasty slug critters—this had me smiling from ear to ear in total appreciation. The cast is also fantastic, it’s a very rare occurrence that I love every single character in a movie but damn did everyone pull their weight. Nathan Fillion of course was a standout and had me laughing out loud multiple times with his goofy reactions to the pure madness going on in his small town. I would highly recommend if you’re a fan of body horror to give this film a shot, I can certainly see this being my favorite of the month just by how much fun I had watching it.🦌🥩

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Daily Horror Hunt #35 (May 2021)

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