The Pit

The Pit ★★

I know this was a strange choice for my first pick of the month but I’ve been watching and enjoying In Search of Darkness: Part II and was craving some cheesy 80’s goodness. I never heard of The Pit and what little was featured in the documentary looked like fun so I thought why not?! I believed I was in for some ridiculous cheese but instead I felt extremely uncomfortable and just plain confused. For the complete first half you’re subjected to watching a 12 year old pervert who is crushing hard on his babysitter, he talks to his teddy bear (who happens to talk back) and also has access to a hole with a bunch of creatures lurking beneath. I was wondering when the carnage would begin but plenty of the runtime is literally just the kid being an unlikeable creep to every older woman he comes in contact with. 

When he does begin to lure those who wronged him into the hole that’s when I started to have fun, but it didn’t last long when once again the tone drastically changes—which unfortunately happens a lot in this film. This is a bizarre movie and although there’s some good sprinkled in (I laughed when he pushed that old woman in the wheelchair.. her flailing arms along with the random patriotic music was iconic) there’s still too much of a disturbing sexual undertone that left me wondering what this could have been had they simply focused on the bullying and creatures. I see this gets some love but it just wasn’t for me.. that peeping tom scene I also need to erase from my mind immediately yuck.🧸

#3 Watch a movie that takes place on or around Halloween✔️
Daily Horror Hunt #35 (May 2021)

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