You're Next

You're Next ★★★★

I can’t believe this film is 10 years old, I was honestly shocked when I looked at the release date! It’s been a couple years since I’ve revisited You’re Next, and I’m happy to report I feel the exact same way as I did the first time I watched it. This film is such a blast, and has one of the best final girls I’ve seen in a horror movie to date (next to of course my girls Sidney Prescott and Laurie Strode). Sharni Vinson is magnificent as Erin the underestimated badass who singlehandedly takes down multiple armed assailants. She’s resourceful and strategic, taking charge the moment trouble arises when the masked men begin their senseless attack. The fight sequences are intense, the gore is brutal, and I forgot how much I enjoyed the comedic undertones displayed throughout. My only small gripe is the frequent shaky camera; it definitely made the scenes feel more frantic but it sometimes made me a bit nauseous, especially during the chaotic dinner sequence. I still love this movie to death, and am happy it will remain resting comfortably on my favorite horror movies list.🪓🏹

*Also shoutout to the fabulous Barbara Crampton who I always look forward to seeing! I completely forgot she was the mother in this and read an interview where she said that You’re Next reignited her passion for acting again after a bit of a hiatus… thank god for that she’s an absolute horror treasure!

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