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  • Adventure Time: Stakes

    Adventure Time: Stakes


    “What is this?” - Ma

    “Is this the Vampire Diaries?” - Ma

    “Every few minutes there’s a new vampire... (Ma, it’s a show about vampires.) How stupid!” -  Ma

    “Is it over? Is it over yet?” - Ma

    “Krishti... this is a children’s show.” - Baba, after wordlessly side-eying the screen for 3 minutes 

    “Thank god, it’s finally over.” - Ma, after the title sequence and opening credits

    “HOW can you watch this show?!?! It’s so BABY!” - Ma, before switching the TV off mid-episode

  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy


    saw this a while ago, just forgot to take it off my watchlist/ timmy’s perfect skin & hair didn’t make sense to me, his character had a meth addiction/ Steve Carell I loved