• The King's Man

    The King's Man


    Very much enjoyed this one. Despite its flaws and at times cheesy action sequences it was a great picture about the origins of the Kingsman. Plus I’m down for  any film that features Ralph Fiennes

  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    Very interesting and thought-provoking approach from Maggie Gylenhall where she depicts motherhood and its repercussions. Left a bit underwhelmed due to its pace and some of the subplots, however loved our three leads here.

  • The Hand of God

    The Hand of God



  • The Tender Bar

    The Tender Bar


    Probably one of the best feel-good movies that came out this past year. The first act was better than the second act, though. Ben Affleck is superb.

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    PTA delivers another masterclass. What a script and great performances from our leads. The lead actor reminded me of Phillip Seymour Hoffman (and no wonder I found out after that it is his son). Great job, Cooper! 

    Navigating first love it’s always an interesting story and a lot of people will relate.

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Although the acting carries the film for the most part, the messy balance between comedy and drama is what got me the most. At times it feels tiresome especially toward the final act. Appreciated the concept, but the execution was underwhelming. I know Adam McKay will bounce back.

  • American Underdog

    American Underdog


    Big fan of Kurt Warner growing up. I’m glad he got a movie. Amazing story! Loved the chemistry between Zach Levi and Anna Paquin here. 
    Very satisfying plot

  • Mass



    So sad and tragic. Raw and gripping performances from the four leads here. The script and the acting was a force to be reckoned with.

  • Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

    Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One


    The animation here is pretty legit, which has been rare for animated DC work

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Slow paced and subtle until a strong bang happens toward the end. Jane Campion manages to efficiently portray some very complex themes and character study; this movie was not about anything I was anticipating and it caught me by surprise. 

     Cinematography and the score among the best I’ve seen this year.

  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel


    Loved this one by Ridley Scott. Really appreciative of his work. 
    Many would probably not be a fan of the narrative style but I did enjoy it; and it’s brought to life by our terrific leads.

  • All Madden

    All Madden