Bad Education

Bad Education ★★★★½

I hope you find peace, Frank…

Holy f—k! This movie took me for a hell of a ride. I did not expect the twist and turns of the film to be this much. I have no background and have never heard of the real-life story where the film was based on, so every piece of information is new to me. I just know that it’s always these charismatic, likable characters who keep the deepest and darkest secrets. It’s really hard to believe when the person everyone adores commits a heinous crime and how easy it is to overlook their mistakes, but damn, you cannot just ignore the millions of taxpayer dollars lavishly spent by these people. 

I also love how this film built up the tension and the drama. I’ll admit that I don’t really know what was going on for the first twenty or so minutes of the film, but I realized how important every single detail that was presented to the audience for the movie’s pay-off to work. I will read articles related to this scandal before I rewatch it again. Also, the music score, script, and directing of this film is just pure perfection and I can’t even believe that I found this film boring. Literally got me on hook until the credits roll. 

Hugh Jackman is a one perfect actor; his performance in this film is textbook. You cannot distinguish the fact that he is just acting on this movie; he literally embodied the character and I will never stop praising him for that. Allison Janney also rocked her role. Their performances are literally off the roof on this film and they really deserve some recognition and praise for that. 

And to be the man kissing Hugh Jackman… it’s one in the morning and I am now horny. 

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