Undine ★★★★

This film started and ended with a heartbreak, but what separated Undine from the others is its supernatural twist on a modern fairytale story, as it tells the story of a historian, whose love life slowly recuperated after a disastrous breakup, but tragedy and superstition soon followed, ending with a bittersweet tale of two people who truly loved each other, but weren’t meant to be together. The obsession to water was not lost in the character of Undine and this trait manifested throughout the film and propelled the storyline, as she fell in love with a man whose occupation involves diving into deep waters. It also stayed true to its title of a mythical water nymph, whose lover will suffer severe consequences if he is adulterous to her, making the line ‘If you leave me, I’ll have to kill you,’ much more meaningful and tremendously terrifying. 

The film is excellent in subverting your expectations with its marvelous storytelling, as its climax, revelation, and ending were all surprisingly unexpected. The cinematography is divine and the underwater sequences were shot exquisitely well. Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski performed great and their on-screen dynamic is one of the best I’ve seen this year. Director Christian Petzold continues to integrate his country’s history and myth with a tragic love story that will make you dive in for more.

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