Loki ★★★★★

Marvel dazzles us again...

A wonderful series in all respects, the acting was good, the directing was excellent, and I didn't even talk about cinematography!
The series introduced us to a new aspect of Loki's character, which after Thor Ragnarock. We wanted to delve deeper into this character and understand it from other angles, and the series achieved this, and Tom Hiddleston did not fail to communicate the feelings of the character to viewers, his acting is really sweet.
The series also presented a new direction in the Marvel world, and we knew that it was a very big world, and we still haven't discovered it well. The whole idea of ​​TVA was very beautiful and I am grateful that they implemented it in the cinematic world.
Finally, I have to talk about the last episode, which was a complete change in the Marvel universe for the next ten years, and it was a more than wonderful prelude to the upcoming films.
The series was great and fun and Marvel is amazing as usual.