American Ultra ★★★

I find myself in a little bit of a pickle with this movie I actually loathe the writer Max Landis he has to be one of the most insufferable people in the business he blamed the financial failure of this film on mis-marketing when this was just an average movie and regardless of the marketing it wouldn't make that much money but the film it self is okay.

Like I said American Ultra is pretty okay but when you're expecting dirty garbage clean garbage is a pleasant surprise so when I watched this movie and it wasn't a complete piece of shit I was kinda happy. On the other end I think we need to realize Topher Grace can't play a villain so lets just collectively move on also way to waste Walter Goggins and give him a crappy main villains right hand man role. Continuing on the negatives I hate engagement rings in film because we as audiences have to have it shown to us constantly almost like we forgot the main characters are in love. Landis writes an okay screenplay even though you can tell he just jerked himself off in a couple of pages. So I wouldn't pay to see this movie but I would watch it for free