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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    I went in looking for a movie about disability and I left thinking about addiction.

    Cause that's what this one is about. It's about addictive personalities and the correct way to move on and cope with one. Ruben keeps getting in his own way, even turns the ability to hear into something he's addicted to; Lou's addicted to the same shit Ruben is, and her skin clears up after months without living with him. She can find a new community,…

  • 50/50



    So many HIPAA violations

    I'm curious to figure out when these Rogen/Levine movies went from indies to studio comedies, but as an indie with definite studio comedy tendencies, this was pretty good. The portrayal of cancer treatments was realistic enough that it made me overlook the less realistic portrayal of alzheimer's. I loved JGL in this movie, and I think this was a performance that seemed to indicate a better comic leading man career than what he got. Obviously the…

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  • Green Room

    Green Room


    This is the kind of movie that, for the first half, beats down on you with how diabolical it can be, and then for the second half, you see where it's going, the tables turn, and you just watch in awe of how everything else rolls out.

    I hadn't seen Blue Ruin, so this is my first Saulnier pic, and I was pretty blown away. The monochromatic theme is pretty evident here, and I was impressed by some direction and…

  • A Private Function

    A Private Function


    God bless England. A highbrow comedy about pig shit.

    This was very funny, a mixture of great writing from Alan Bennett and perfect timing from Michael Palin, Maggie Smith, Richard Griffiths and the rest. Lots of great belly laughs and realizations, funny moments and ideas. Smith and Palin obviously have chemistry, and Smith had the most to do here, especially late. Pete Postlethwaite, Denholm Elliott and Griffiths all do well in support [I love how likable Griffiths ended up being].…