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This review may contain spoilers.

where do i even begin..

this is such a beautifully harrowing film. the deliberate ‘close-up’ cinematography all throughout the film gives it a documentary-like vibe, so the helplessness and tragedies that is inflicted onto the characters feels like it could even happen to you.

i felt defeated watching this film, which i realise must have been the directors’ intent and i will say it was successful. the frustration built in the viewer is to mirror how the characters themselves are frustrated and had to learn to settle, despite having big dreams of migrating to europe. arguably, even if they did get to europe, the glamour of the ‘american dream’ and making it in the West will probably be more unattainable than what they deemed it to be.

also, incredible casting. the naturalistic acting, at times, made it so easy for me to relate or empathise with the characters, and for a moment, i AM them. as misfortunes hit, i felt sick from how sad i was. when Mofe lost his sister and nephews, when Rosa struggled to make ends meet. and contrastingly, when the characters were in good times (e.g Rosa on a girls night out with her crew <3), i instinctively felt happy, too, and saw myself on a girls night out. plus, i loved how this was filmed on 16mm. the grains and scratches in the footage further added to the realism of the film.

this movie was so intimate. it was like watching the life stories of my close friends. i’d recommend this any day

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