• 1982



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    i really appreciate showing the buildup of the war from both the children’s and adult’s perspectives, and how Wissam coped with the anxiety by projecting his hero Tigron to come and build a protective dome over Lebanon.

    i can’t even imagine hearing the sounds of warplanes and bombings, and not cry. this movie stirred up something from within the depths of my heart that i think i have to describe as fear. i felt for the characters, as if i…

  • Gaza Mon Amour

    Gaza Mon Amour


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    I’M SO SOFT 😭❤️

    this was such a beautiful love story, yet it still managed to encompass the complex social issues in Gaza without it being too heavy of a watch. the comedy aspect of the movie is not one that is deliberate, but more so implied from the events that happen to the characters. it is not scripted jokes, but rather comedy where the audience is the one to deduce the comedic effect from the situations the characters find…

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    by GOD, i love this movie. throughout much of it, i was on the verge of being sick from how stressful the court sessions were, and this is coming from someone who gets bored every time a law student opens their mouth. i can’t vouch for the accuracy of the events that happened since i’ve not heard of this case before the movie’s trailer so if there’s anyone whose review is bad because of the nitpicking, i can’t relate. my…

  • Friendship's Death

    Friendship's Death


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    was a bit bored watching this, i can’t lie, but it’s still quite commendable what a movie set in like 3 rooms can make you feel. i was still hooked by the conversations they had, since the question of humanity’s intent on self-extinction was interesting to me. i can imagine this to be very controversial back in the 80s, so i am also applauding that fact. i really think it all comes down to the acting, seeing as you’re technically…

  • Ammonite



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    i don’t think i can explain this film in words.. watching this left me in a sedated state of mind. i’m pretty sure i felt bliss. the escapism this provided me from men is <3 everything <3

    the final scene of them in the museum, looking at mary’s work, was such beautiful symbolism. there are many ways you can interpret it, but i saw it as mary’s work somehow always being in the way of their love. my friend thought…

  • African Apocalypse

    African Apocalypse


    loved the style in which this was narrated, following the book and the coloniser’s route and mission letters. the interview scene of the children hit so hard. it is heartbreaking that these kids have to be wise beyond their years because they have had to deal with the grief of something someone did over a hundred years ago. that scene perfectly portrayed “eyes are the windows to the soul,” because you can see the pain in their eyes.. haunting.

  • Dead Poets Society

    Dead Poets Society


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    it’s just a group of guys being dudes.... what’s better than this <3

    on a real note, so rarely does a movie ever make me feel both happiness and cynicism all in the span of 5 minutes. the range of emotions this pulled out of me is crazy. i really, really wish i’d have watched this sooner, when i was in my high school years, when life was still so uncertain and bright and i didn’t have to learn all…

  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    a terrifying psychological thriller much ahead of its time. i can definitely see why this is a cult classic

  • Shadow Country

    Shadow Country


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    i found it really hard to follow, and i’m not sure if the black and white contributed to this. the first half felt dragged in comparison to the second half where things started to pick up. personally, it wasn’t very engaging. i found myself getting bored, but this doesn’t invalidate the movie, because i loved the cinematography and acting. you witness as some of the good people turn into villains just from having to adapt to survive, and that is one of the things i rarely see being explored in movies with war themes.

  • One Man and His Shoes

    One Man and His Shoes


    as a business student who wants to specialise into marketing, this was very interesting to watch. essentially, it all boils down to: fuck capitalism. nike exploits and manipulates the youth of a population that already experiences disparities enough as it is. the utilisation of a system where supply will never match the demand perpetuates the tensions that exist between different socio-economic classes. it creates the intense desire and covetousness that many of these youths fall victim to. admittedly, it is…

  • Cicada



    the only bits of the film that i liked was:
    - the ‘other’ talk between Sam and Ben
    - the montage of them with Kiah Victoria’s Living and Giving

    other than that, it wasn’t for me and i can’t say i can recommend it...

  • Never Gonna Snow Again

    Never Gonna Snow Again


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    the cinematography leaves me BREATHLESS. oh my God.... also, the score is beyond perfect..... my favorite scene is the one in the beginning where Zhenia leaves the immigration office (?), walking to a dramatic classical music piece. i was hooked and mesmerised and i was only 2 minutes into the film, no exaggeration.

    the ambiguity in the storylines as the film progressed made me continuously question the ‘message’ behind Never Gonna Snow Again (are his superpowers just a plot device…