The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★★


I almost lost of words how to describe this movie. At first, I was so bord watching this in the first minutes. I didn't understand what's going on. Then my friend pushed me to watch it. And yes I watched it. And boom! I got really... oh, idk how to describe it omfg.

The plotwists are really amazing. I really like how the story has a twist for another story. This is very mindblowing. I really couldn't guess what's going on next even for the next 5 minutes.

The lesbianism in this movie is really great. I love how Kim Min-Hee portrayed Lady Hideko. She really looked like a classy Japanese lady. She acted like a pure innocent lady and yes I thought she was! And omg she's really pretty 😍 Kim Tae-Ri's acting is also no joke. She brought me into her feeling towards Hideko. I felt like I was in her soul.

The setting, the actings, the plotwits, the gore, and everything is really perfect. What a perfect blend in this movie. If there's a word that is more amazing than amazing, I will put that.

This movie doesn't deserve to be in the same line as the other lesbian movies. No. This is way far away higher, better, greater than them. Periodt.