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  • Crooklyn



    Delroy Lindo has always been a force of nature. His and Alfre Woodard's performances as Woody and Carolyn Carmichael in Crooklyn is yet another example of how immensely talented they are. In many ways, Crooklyn emulates the style and energy of Do the Right Thing, but it's decidedly a coming of age story told mostly from the perspective of the Carmichael children which distinguishes it and gives it a slightly softer edge. It also has a quirkier tone to its humor than most of the Spike Lee films I've seen and that endeared me to the story even more.

  • The Legend of Zorro

    The Legend of Zorro


    The Legend of Zorro trades in the edge of the first film for family hijinks, pointless plot complications, and a distractingly straight-haired Antonio Banderas whose missing curls wounded me more than I expected in this dopey sequel. It wasn't a complete loss for me because the sword fights and action sequences were still really impressive and fun to watch. The humor that does land is constantly undermined by particularly dumb jokes, however, and that makes this one a bit of a slog.

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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    Zack Snyder’s superhero behemoth is a testament to films deserving second chances. I found the 2017 version truncated yet watchable, but this iteration adds a tremendous amount of depth and delivers a genuinely intimidating villain in Darkseid who looms heavily over the entire film. Steppenwolf’s character development is another noticeable improvement and I found myself far more invested in his plight this time around. Cyborg and the Flash feel more rounded as well which infuses the Justice League with a…

  • A Perfect Murder

    A Perfect Murder


    Michael Douglas's 90s thriller swan song is a trite and silly reimagining of the source material that's as horny as it is perfunctory. While I had fun with the familiar beats of the story and found myself cheering on Gwyneth, it rang hollow by the end. Still, a lesson learned is a lesson learned and I've seen much worse in this genre over the years.