Constantine ★★★★★

Following the adventures of Ted Logan, not quite sure what happened to his mate Bill, as he goes on to his journey to becoming Neo. Well its either that or I'm mixing up my movies.

In all seriousness after hearing of a TV show of Constantine was set to come out I decided it was about time for a re-watch for this. I doubt anyone watching this was disappointed at any point, great showing of the supernatural and a great comic to movie depiction.

We follow John Constantine played by Keanu Reeves a man with very little time left to live and an eternity of damnation just waiting for him. With heaven and hell making a deal to keep a neutral balance among earth its only expected that some little shit wouldn't abide by the agreement.

This is the type of DVD that needs to be updated to Blu ray and shall be added to my Blu ray collection soon and will very well warrant a re watch just for the great visual improvements that I imagine are definitely worth the extra money for upgrading.

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