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  • The Father

    The Father


    There’s almost always a tiny space between us and those characters with whom we closely identify, maybe only a centimeter, just enough to let us in but also keep us safe. I didn’t find that space in The Father.
    I wanted it to end before it did. You know how with some Charlie Kaufman films, you kind of want to get out of there but you also really want to stay? The discomfort of the congruous incongruity is usually bearable.…

  • Wit



    I saw this film twice: once, years before I had Stage 4 endometrial cancer and then again recently, some years after successful treatment. And the difference in viewing experiences so perfectly epitomizes the fact that is true of all art forms -- everything, from what you hear in the dialogue to what strengths and weaknesses are significant in the characters to plot points to flow of the narration -- all of it changes, maybe significantly, depending on your age and…

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  • Wings of Desire

    Wings of Desire

    I can't write what this movie is about because each time I see it, it tells a different story -- all of which resonate with me deeply. But the tone, which remains consistent, in a German-language film with the graffiti covered wall and East Berlin's bombed--out buildings in some scenes, could not be more gentle, more patient, more kind and loving.

  • Ikiru



    What does a 68-year-old privileged woman from Connecticut in 2021 have in common with a Japanese bureaucrat in 1952 who has worked at Tokyo's City Hall for 30 years without a day off? The answer is a question. And it's the same question any human being who is closer to the end of life than its beginning might have. “Is it possible I will die having had no purpose, making no contribution?”
    When we first meet Mr. Watanabe, the narrator…