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  • Manhattan



    lol I haven’t seen this since I was 16 and decided I wanted to have an adult opinion on it. Hoooooboy. It’s well made but hooooooboy Woody really tryna justify being a weird ass nasty fuck.

  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye


    This is very good! This is like ground zero for Paul Thomas Anderson, which is very very fun to watch.

    Not a lot of thoughts on this. It's great! It's a classic. It's been built upon, and is practically it's own genre of LA noir film now. I think it starts to meander a bit near the end, but it's all very fun.

    I wish I could live in Phillip Marlowe's apartment complex. Having those wacky yoga girl neighbours would…

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  • Possessor



    I did a double movie night with All the President's Men. This was not as good, but still pretty good and fun. I think something I picked up on is how fucking specifically it hits the nail on the head of this emerging dystopian gentrified/condo-ized Toronto. I'm not sure if it's supposed to super far in the future or anything, but the vibe kinda tracks with certain parts of Toronto already.

    I hope somebody hires Andrea Riseborough to murder all the condo developers in Toronto!!!!! AAAAAH!!!!!!

  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game


    I'm kinda impressed how they made the convoluted legal stuff somewhat comprehensible, but the film was a weird mess of trying to elevate Molly up as moral upstanding person while putting everyone else down. There was a weird meta element of them talking about making movie deals to pay for the Idris Elba lawyer character to fight her case for her, while you presumably watched the movie deal that she got, but the movie is trying to present itself as…