Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

and they will never meet again...

it gets better everytime. first time seeing this on blu-ray thanks to criterion and the 2k resolution is breathtaking... lubezki never disappoints. a coming of age story that broke all the rules and preconceived notions of the sub-genre for mexican cinema, if not all of cinema. it’s horny, sticky, gross, but over everything it’s beautiful. sure it’s an improbable story, but it’s the essence it captures that creates the relatability. the long takes are so hypnotizing  that you realize it’s been a while since the last cut, the dialogue is hilarious and depressing, the progressive political statements in the background and between the 2 main characters are brave especially given that mexico has had a history of problems with machismo/masculinity. alfonso cuarón and lubezki are geniuses and i’m so happy they’re getting the attention they deserve, especially when we’re super underrepresented in american cinema, despite the huge population in america that we make up. my opinions on this film keep getting more positive, i think i’ll fuck around finally give this its 5 stars 🤭😤

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