The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 ★★★★

Ed and Lorraine Warren are my relationship goals.

Their arguments don't come out of anger or trying to come out superior - they come from a genuine place of love and trying to understand what the other person is going through. They're two outsiders who find solace and belonging in each other. On a daily basis, they face some of the most horrific obstacles you can fathom, but they charge into them head-on and holding hands. Through it all, they are an unbreakable, unwavering, just plain adorable super-team.

And honestly, that relationship is the secret weapon of the "Conjuring" films. It's why the relentless fun-house scares work so well. It's why you buy how the victimized family is effected by all this. It's why the questions of faith and the unknown ring true. And it's why when hell is unleashed and monsters are popping out at every corner, you're not just having fun - you're 100% invested in what's going to happen to these characters. Perhaps not quite as air-tight as the first film, but when Wan and company are deftly delivering both yelp-inducing scares and lovable characters, I can't help falling in love with "The Conjuring 2".

Perhaps my favorite final moments of any movie in 2016.