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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    Vinterberg offers a pretty convincing breakdown of what a midlife crisis is, particularly from a male perspective: as a way of rebelling against aging, you try to recapture the reckless abandon of your teenage years – and you delude yourself into thinking that, because of your age, you're hardier and smarter than you used to be, so obviously there's no way anything could go wrong. [checks notes] What do you mean, middle-aged white men are the most powerful demographic?


  • The White Tiger

    The White Tiger


    Adarsh Gourav delivers a magnetic lead performance, and there's a lot of potent satire in this, but I wasn't quite convinced by some of the storytelling and character work. Could have used a brush that was just a touch less broad.

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  • The Ball is a Scumbag

    The Ball is a Scumbag


    This is gonna make me sound like a 60-year-old guy who spends his days nursing beers and ranting to himself in the pub, but anyway, here goes: there is an incandescent, sublime poetry to football, and this beautiful documentary makes me grateful that I have an ear for it. I doubt anyone ever had a more intimate, more infectious understanding of the game's intoxicating allure than Rudi Gutendorf.

  • Minari



    An understated, gentle, quietly beautiful frontier tale from the age of Mountain Dew and televised wrestling.