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  • The Last Dance

    The Last Dance

    Lebron sleeping in gravity tents, getting full body massages, on load management, a personal chef cooking him all his meals...millions spent on personal care

    You'll find Jordan at the blackjack table smoking cigars at 2 am the night before a playoff game, in which he goes on to drop 50 points and win the series. It’s just different man.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Not a single scene in this gothic, claustrophobic spectacle is wasted. I could go on a ramble about everything that works for it, but it’s better to just see for yourself, I’ll go with you if you want.

    Dafoe and Pattinson in the best roles of their careers, candle light emphasizing every feature of their faces as they descend into madness, it really was incredible. They were really good together, their relationship was a strange mix of craziness, humor, and…