Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★★

Me, happy: my mental health is in order with Game of Thrones’ hiatus underway!
Russo Brothers: hold our beers

Everyone has their preference. 

When I’m able to, I commute a mile north of downtown to a theatre where it’s mostly older audiences so I can have the quietest experience. On some days, it’s filled with people who are looking for/expecting the same thing, which is just as good.

For screenings like Infinity War, that preference goes out the window.

Nothing matches the tension and chatters of anticipation before the lights dim; the sudden silence and air of impatience when the trailers play; and finally, the uncontainable squeals - sometimes applause - when the MARVEL STUDIOS logo shows up.

I embrace these experiences when I can — to be in a place with such high energy, a place I love visiting, with other people who are just as excited, just as anxious.

I’d never trade those experiences for anything else; these are the nights I’ll remember.

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